Devlog #8: Release Day!

It’s official: American Angst is out today on Steam!

This is how we got here:

Five months ago, scouring the internet for a tool which would help me create a gamebook akin to the Choose your own Adventures I loved in my youth, I discovered Twine by Chris Klimas.

Twine, in short, is a game engine for choice-based games, or interactive fiction. Employing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you are able to create a story where the player decides how the story plays out. Which is a good thing, because I have a grip of HTML and CSS, as well as basic knowledge of JavaScript.

This discovery opened up a whole new universe for me: There is whole scene of people devoted to creating and playing text adventures! In the next hours, I explored the Interactive Fiction Database, the IF archive, checked out Choice of Games and other developers, devoured Emily Short’s blog and subscribed to Planet IF’s feed; but more than anything else, I studied everything Twine related.

And then, I started writing.

Right from the word go, I wanted to create a horror-related text adventure. And while the waking-up-with-amnesia setting is, granted, not the most innovative premise for horror (or any genre), it was the perfect set up for my first game.

And here we are, five months later, October 26th: American Angst, a text-based survival horror game with RPG elements and very dark humor, my first game, is being released on Steam as we speak (or read).

I’ve published books in Germany in the past, so I’m not new to writing. But I’m a total noob when it comes to PC games. I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long time. After five months of writing on my own and another month of beta testing with a couple of friends, it’s out in the open, and that’s quite awe-inducing.

I hope that one or the other player will enjoy it. I’ve got ideas for a sequel, so let’s see what happens. Anyway, here we are: Release Day! Woo-hoo!

American Angst on Steam

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