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Devlog #9: American Angst also available on MacOS and GooglePlay

- 19. April 2018

A couple of months after the release of American Angst for Steam back in October, I finally published a MacOS version via itch.io back in February, as well as an Android version on GooglePlay last month.

The itch.io version (MacOS and Windows) as well as the GooglePlay version are free to download and contain neither ads nor in-app purchases.

Personally, the Android smartphone app is my favourite experience of the game. I somehow envisioned that’s the way it should be played in the first place, and I also was able to remove some clutter from the game (like the frightfully long and boring intro).

The downloads so far are in the three digits which I am totally happy with. After all, it is a text-heavy game, I had no marketing budget and it is my first attempt into game design.

The feedback has been constructively critical over all, but there has been some praise as well which I’m copypasting below. So if you stumbled upon this devlog and are thinking about downloading it, read the following and give it a try!

„Fun way to waste an afternoon.“ – The Zombie Chimp

„If you like short horror stories, you will enjoy this.“ – Totally Gamer Girl

„A horror story at heart, American Angst is very well written. There’s just enough suspense and thrill that you’ll find yourself biting your nails as you play.“ – GameSpew

„Treat yourself to some textual scares.“ – HorrorTalk

„An atmospheric Text-Adventure with a surprising story.“ – Gwyn Gaming

Download American Angst for free or get it for a 99ct on Steam.

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