Sh*t, Where’s My Poop?!

Shit, where's my poop

A happy little adventure about trying to remember where you left your poop.

Available for Android Smartphones in November 2017 on Google Play and (also for macOS)

Shit, where's my poop on Google Play

About the game

Oh no! You lost your shit! But Dr. Cuthbert needs all five samples. You you remember, in which 🚽 you left them? Find your poop and earn Shitcoins!

How to play

Can you achieve the improbable highscore of 5?! (Check the global highscores here)

Get your first guess right and earn 1 Shitcoin. If your second guess is correct, you earn 0.5 $. If it’s your third guess, you still get 0.25 $ (etc.)… But beware: Mr. Flush’s clock is ticking!

Get your shit together, before Evil Mr. Flush claims it forever. Will you be able to get all five samples to Dr. Cuthbert and earn 5 Shitcoins?

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On Google Play and (also for macOS)!

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